How To Get American Netflix On Roku 4



The Roku is (arguably) the best set-top box for streaming Netflix, Hulu, and 2,500+ other channels – the most of any set-top box to date. With the introduction of their newest model, the Roku 4, things have only gotten better. Support for 4K TVs and built-in price comparisons are just a few of the fancy new features.

With that being said, there is one fairly large problem with the Roku 4, and all Roku devices in general. They don’t allow DNS changing. At a first glance, this may seem like the death of access to American Netflix for international Netflix users. If you can’t switch to an American Netflix DNS, how can you spoof your location?

Worry not my friends, a solution has been found. It takes a little more time and effort, but it will get you American Netflix all the same.

Because Roku intentionally blocks users from using DNS codes to bypass geographical blocks, we will need to use a special set of DNS codes from a company called Unblock-Us. Unblock-Us is a company (founded in Toronto, Canada), that runs its own private DNS servers.

These servers are unique in that in addition to letting you access the American version of Netflix, they let you access 24+ other Netflix regions as well! They also unblock 500+ other streaming websites including Hulu, HBO Now, and more.

Lets get started!


The Process


1) Go to, enter your email, and press the “Start Trial” button. No credit card or personal information required.




2) Once you’ve signed up, click here and follow the guide to configure the Unblock-Us DNS codes on your computer (compatible with Macs and PCs). Setting up Unblock-Us on your computer is required in order for these DNS codes to work properly on your Roku.


3) Finally, go back to the Unblock-Us home page. You should see 3 bars light up (as shown below), which means everything is set up properly. From here, go to the “Netflix Region Picker”, choose the American version of Netflix. Press update.


unblock-us us netflix


4) Follow the instructions on this page to complete the set-up process from your Roku. It’s a fairly lengthy process, (10-15 minutes), and Unblock-Us does a great job of explaining the full process in-depth with screenshots.


Please note: Unblock-Us is a paid service that costs $5/month after the 7-day free trial. For a special discount offer, check the green box below!


NetflixDNSCodes has partnered with Unblock-Us to get you an entire month of Unblock-Us for just $0.99! Click here to learn more. 



How To Get American Netflix on Roku 4
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How To Get American Netflix on Roku 4
A complete guide on how you can get American Netflix on your Roku 4 (or any other Roku device) in under 5 minutes, free for 7-days, no credit card required!
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