How To Get American Netflix On Android Devices



Getting access to the American Netflix on Android devices can be done in under 5 minutes, from anywhere in the world. This is possible through changing your “DNS code”. Your DNS essentially tells Netflix what country you are located in. By changing your existing DNS to a US DNS, Netflix will think you are located in the USA. In doing so, you will be able to access the American Netfix.

The first thing you will need is an American DNS code. You can find several of these on our home page. However, we do not make any promises regarding the reliability, or security of these codes. If you would like a reliable alternative that lets you access any Netflix region, please check the green box below.

In this brief article I will be showing you how to change the DNS code on an Android device for the purposes of getting American Netflix. This method will work on all Android phones and tablets, including the Galaxy S series, Nexus series, and others more. The steps listed below are in their most basic form. For more in-depth instructions (including screenshots and video), please click here.


For more information on how you can access every Netflix region (over 25 countries and 14,000 titles) through one DNS code, click here. Although free DNS codes stop working for days, or even weeks, this code has never stopped working for me.




1. Go to the settings app on your Android device.

2. Click Wi-Fi.

3. Tap and hold your finger over the wireless network you are currently using until a new menu pops up.

4. Press Modify Network.

5. Check the Advanced options box.

6. Under IP settings, choose static.

7. Scroll down and you will see a set of field for DNS 1 and DNS 2.

8. Simply enter any pair of DNS codes from our home page. DNS 1 will be your primary code, and DNS 2 is your secondary.

9. Enjoy American Netflix on Android devices!

For more guides on how to change your DNS, click here!

How To Get American Netflix On Android Devices
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How To Get American Netflix On Android Devices
Get access to American Netflix on Android devices in under 5 minutes, for free! A complete guide on how to change your DNS on your Android Device.
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