How To Get American Netflix In Canada

Netflix has become one of the most popular video platforms in the world. Today, there are more than 60 million subscribers from dozens of countries, but not everyone has access to the same content. In many countries, Canada included, a lot of television shows and popular movies are unavailable. Thankfully, there is a solution!


If you’re wondering how to get American Netflix in Canada, this one easy method will make it easy to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on any device in your home. It’s simple, easy, and best of all, it’s free. In a matter of minutes you’ll be able to access shows like 30 Rock and Parks and Rec, which are unavailable in Canada.


Why American Netflix is Better Than Canadian Netflix


American Netflix currently has 7,705 different titles available. Compare this to Canadian Netflix, which only has 4,506 titles available. This might not be such a big problem if it weren’t for one annoying fact. A lot of the content that can only be found on American Netflix are also the most popular television shows and movies! This can be frustrating for Canadian subscribers because they pay the same for the service, and yet they end up getting far fewer titles than their American counterparts.


The reasons for this can get quite complicated.  Essentially, Netflix can only show movies and TV shows in Canada when they arrange a licensing deal with the company that holds the licensing rights to that title. If Netflix can’t get that license, then it can’t offer that title in Canada. However, because different companies hold the rights to the same title in various countries, there is a lot of content that Netflix has the rights to in the US, but not Canada.


Why American Netflix is Better


Lots of great television shows are currently unavailable on Canadian Netflix. Some of these include: 30 Rock, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Louie, The Office, American Horror Story, Grey’s Anatomy, Parks and Recreation, and Bob’s Burgers. The list goes on and on, and often includes some of the most popular shows that have come out recently. The same is true for some of the latest blockbuster movies.


Netflix’s Popularity


During certain times of the day, Netflix can account for up 30 to 40% of all the traffic on the internet. This number does a great job of illustrating Netflix’s popularity, especially since Netflix only generated about 13.5% of all traffic just three years ago. Due to its low price, large selection of titles, and increasing library of original content, Netflix has become a serious competitor to cable television.


 How Netflix Identifies Your Country


When we look at the internet through a browser like Chrome or IE, we’re not actually seeing the internet the way it really is. That’s because domain names have been changed to make it easier for us to remember them. For example, is a lot easier to remember then 103.454.34.53. However, computers actually use a number to find a website, rather than the name. How does all of this affect how you access Netflix?


Well, when you want to connect to Netflix, you need an IP address to do so. For example, is Google’s IP address. If you type that into the address bar of your browser you’ll go directly to Google. Your computer has an IP address as well, and it can change from time to time. So where does it come from? A DNS server, which can be thought of like a phonebook for the internet. It keeps track of the name we see: and the IP address that computers need (


Here’s where things start to get interesting. DNS servers get your computer’s IP address from an ISP (Internet Service Provider, like Roger’s Cable). Since this ISP in in your country (Canada), the DNS server assigns your computer a Canadian location. Then, when you connect to, it reads your Canadian address and shows you a different selection of content versus what someone in the United States sees.


So essentially, what you need to understand that is that because you’re in Canada, your computer has been assigned a Canadian DNS code. However, the good news is that it’s easy to change this DNS code, and we’re here to help! By changing it to an American DNS code, you will be able to access the American Netflix!


Using American DNS Codes


At Netflix DNS Codes, we provide up to date DNS codes that will allow you access American Netflix from anywhere in the world. What makes our service so great is that we update our US DNS codes regularly and provide them to you free of charge. Furthermore, you can get these codes delivered directly to your email. If you sign up for our email list, we’ll also send you the codes one day in advance, before they get posted to our website. We’re happy to offer you this service free of charge, and just like our thousands of other monthly visitors, we’re confident that you’ll find it useful.


Different Methods of Accessing American Netflix


Most are familiar with a couple of different ways to get US Netflix in Canada. If you’ve been using Netflix for a while, you’re probably already familiar with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and how it works. It basically routes all your internet traffic through a server in a different country. This can be great if you live in a country where multiple websites are blocked and you need to gain access to them (looking at you China).


However, in a country like Canada, it’s overkill. The problem is that when you run all your traffic through a VPN, it can significantly slow down how fast websites are loaded.


Also, there are times when you want websites to read your Canadian location. For example, if you try to access your bank account through a VPN that’s routing traffic through a US server, your bank may believe that your account data has been stolen and lock your account..


Another popular service that some Canadian users have started using to access American Netflix is Hola. There are several problems associated with it, the most prominent of which is that it essentially allows other people to borrow your IP. Furthermore, the parent company of Hola! actually sells your bandwidth to other corporations


The Advantage of Using US DNS Codes


Using an American DNS code is without a doubt the best way to get access to the American Netflix. A DNS code is a better option because it doesn’t require you to use a third party service, or put your computer at risk by installing potentially dangerous software like Hola. DNS codes are also easy to change, free, and they don’t affect your browsing speed. In fact, they’re only activated when Netflix pings your computer to determine your location. That makes them an ideal choice because they have no adverse effect on your internet browsing experience.


However, free DNS codes do have their disadvantages. For one thing, they stop working every couple of days. Hackers have also been known to distribute free DNS codes that allow them to intercept your private data. At Netflix DNS Codes, we can’t take the time to check all of our free American DNS codes, and we can’t guarantee that you won’t be putting your system at risk by using them. We make this warning very clear on each and every one of our monthly DNS codes.


Thankfully a better solution exists! Unblock-Us is monthly subscription service that gives you US DNS codes that are guaranteed to work 100% of the time. Unblock-Us is a reputable company that has been around for several years. This means you’ll spend less time changing DNS codes, and more time watching American Netflix.


Additionally, Unblock-Us allows you to access Netflix from 25+ countries including the US, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, and so on. To see a full list of the different regions that Netflix is available in, visit Unblock-US where we break it down in detail.


NetflixDNSCodes has partnered with Unblock-Us to get you an entire month of Unblock-Us for just $0.99! Click here to learn more. 


Finally, Unblock-Us DNS codes can be used on multiple different platforms. This includes video game consoles, phones, computers, set-top boxes, and more.


Unblock-Us DNS codes are versatile, reliable, and secure.


Is it Legal to Use American DNS Codes?


It’s estimated that about one third of all Canadian Netflix subscribers are actually accessing the American Netflix. Right now, most experts agree that using a US DNS code to access American Netflix is completely legal.


Another surprising fact is that although Netflix can most likely detect VPNs and DNS services, they have not taken any action thus far to block, or ban users of these services.


Changing the DNS Code on Your Computer


Changing a DNS code is easy to do, and should really take no longer than 5 minutes. Check out this guide for detailed instructions on how you can change the DNS code on any device.


Start Watching American Netflix Today!


There’s no reason to not use American DNS codes to access Netflix. They’re free, easy to use, and a better option than using a VPN or Hola. Check out our home page to get the latest free DNS codes, or sign up for Unblock-US to get access to every Netflix region, with no lag, or errors.


NetflixDNSCodes has partnered with Unblock-Us to get you an entire month of Unblock-Us for just $0.99! Click here to learn more. 
How To Get American Netflix In Canada - Any Device
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