American Netflix DNS Codes February 2017

Warning: Use these codes at your own risk.  Hackers have been known to set up DNS servers as honeypots to steal private information. We do not have a method of verifying which ones are legitimate, and which ones are not. The same is true for any other website that posts DNS codes. If you would like a safe alternative that is confirmed to be working even after the crackdown, click here.

The codes towards the top of this post will be the ones that are proven to work the most. Use these DNS codes to watch American Netflix in Canada, the UK, Australia or anywhere else! For guides on how to get American Netflix on a variety of devices and countries, please check our navigation bar.

All American DNS code pairs are in the following format.



Last Update: February 6, 2017

Note: We realize that several of the best servers have stopped working over the past few days. Until we can get some working servers, use StrongVPN.

General Codes

Please remember to restart your device after changing your DNS.


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