American DNS codes not working for you? StrongVPN is the answer!

Here on NDC,¬†we strive to provide access to American Netflix in the UK, Canada, and internationally. We don’t think it’s fair that you pay the same price (or sometimes even more), for less content. However, as we’ve realized over the past few months, there are many issues inherent in using free DNS codes.

Free DNS codes are even more unreliable than they used to be, post-crackdown.
Hackers have been known to distribute free DNS codes throughout the web in order to steal your sensitive information. (Credit card numbers, etc)
We have no way of checking if the DNS codes posted here are safe or not. The same goes for any other website that posts DNS codes. It’s use at your own risk.


That being said, I’ve found a much better alternative to accessing the US Netflix called StrongVPN. We’ve written a brief StrongVPN review for you guys below, highlighting some of their key features.


StrongVPN is still working, even after the Netflix proxy crackdown. They’ve somehow adjusted their technology to stay one step ahead of Netflix
StrongVPN has an added bonus that DNS codes don’t. They also encrypt your connection, ensuring that what you stream remains private.


Be sure to us the L.A or New York City servers. They are the ones that work best for American Netflix purposes.